What We Do

All Nations Conversations ESL provides you with an easy way to improve your ability to speak the English language more fluently.  The emphasis is on developing a better ability to speak clearly, and be understood in everyday situations.  All levels of English are welcome to register.

How We Do It

We meet, both on Zoom and in small groups at the church, in an atmosphere which is fun and relaxed.  This allows you to practice and advance at your own pace.  All courses are FREE.  Teachers volunteer their time to welcome new friends, and focus on your interests and needs for learning English.  Lessons will include aspects of pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, speaking, repetition, grammer, and optional homework.

What We Provide

We offer students lesson plans and materials that are Bible based.  The Bible is the all-time best selling book printed in the English language.  It has not only impacted the English language and culture, but other cultures as well.  It's stories are inspiring, exciting, and recognised among many people groups and nations.

ESL Registration Form

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